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Just Be Fit
The season for running in Arizona is here!  Since I’ve slacked on my trainings over the summer, my return to a running routine has been a challenge.  It’s quite amazing how quickly your body loses its aerobic capacity after weeks of ‘vacationing’…

My first event of the year is Remember 9/11 5K Run & Fun Walk.  I chose this run because I wanted to celebrate the spiritual growth that was experienced from such a tragedy.  Everyone was effected by the events of 9/11 and it’s important to recognize how much self-reflection occurred in our lives.  We are stronger.

If you plan on attending or participating, I wish you a great race!

Joy of Tech

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Be in the Game  Be Positive
Sometimes we all need a good laugh and JOY OF TECH has many cartoons poking fun at today’s technology.  Here’s an excellent one on exergaming – enjoy!

Wii & fitness

Are You Ready to Start a Movement?!

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Be in the Game
Ruckus Nation is an online competition looking for the most innovative product ideas to increase physical activity in kids ages 11-14! Ruckus Nation is offering more than $300,000 in cash and prizes and a chance to see your idea become a reality! Check out the details of the competition here. Entries will be accepted starting this September through November 2007.

Pass along this information to your kids, to the members in your group exercise classes, your personal training clients, students at your local schools and universities – and anyone else you know!! If you need flyer information for your gyms, schools, classrooms – download the Ruckus Nation Flyer pdf.

Unfortunately, childhood obesity is a serious issue needing serious attention – so what are you waiting for? Get moving!


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Be Online
Text messaging is a wonderful thing!  Much like instant messaging on your computer, text messaging is an immediate way to get a message directly to someone from your phone.  And in the health & fitness industry, it can be a great way to send exercise & diet tips, meeting reminders, motivational quotes to your clients (asumng u & ur clnt undrstnd txt lingo, lol.)

I came across a company called, a website using text messaging to send members health and fitness information and programming in both nutrition and exericse. keep tabs on the current ways text messaging is being utilized around the world, from education, entertainment, to technology.  Health is also one of the categories followed – using text messaging for health promotion, disease prevention, and ways to enhance quality of life.

If you’re a trainer who relies heavily on connecting with your clients via phone, but are not very savvy with text messaging, no worries.  There is now Jott, a website that will translate your voice messages into text messages (and even emails).  I find this feature particularly useful when I’m in the car and need to get a quick message to a client (or a group of clients at the same time).  Instead of trying to text-while-driving (which we all know isn’t safe, but sometimes do anyway), I simply call “Jott,” leave a quick voice message to my client and let Jott translate it into a text/email from there.  Definitely a feature worth trying!

As health and fitness professionals we know text-messaging features could complement our efforts significantly when helping our clients adopt and adhere to health behaviors.  It’s important to understand what mobile technology is capable of – the book Mobile Persuasion discusses the ”20 perspectives on how mobile devices can be designed to motivate and influence people.”

How many steps did YOU take today?

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Be Online
A great pedometer tracking website and online community is
It is a FREE site (which is always good) which allows you to log your daily steps.Walker Tracker
Over the summer I taught an Intro to Health class at MCC.  I provided each of my students with a pedometer.  I gave them 1 point for every 10,000 steps they documented online over the course of the 4-week session.  Students logged between zero to 10,000+ steps.  Tracking daily steps online proved to be an effective and quick way in raising awareness in their levels of physical activity.

The site is set up as an online community, much like MySpace and Facebook.  Walkers are able to link their profile to other friends (aka by adding “comrads”) within the community.  Thus having access to all the step reports (aka step blogs) of each comrad.  As a teacher, I found this to be important in tracking the progress of my students.  (Personal Trainers could easily use this site to track clients’ daily step counts.)

Like many online communities, members have the ability to communicate with other walkers via private messaging or by commenting on another step blog.  (For example, those students who walked over 10,000 steps, I would write comments supporting their accomplishments.  But those who were deficient in their step count found a more encouraging comments from me.)  This became integral in terms of adherence to walking and tracking.  Students were commenting on other students’ progress and keeping each other motivated.

If you haven’t explored this site, take some time this week to check it out.  There are other sites that provide similar services, but I found this to be very user-friendly and fun!