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Albert Einstein

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Be Positive 
“Imagination is everything.  It is the preview to life’s coming attractions.”

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

This quote really resonates with me because it’s a reminder of how our thoughts and mental images can be illuminating.

A Fitness Writer’s Blog

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Be Connected
I’ve discovered another great blog and have officially added it to my blogroll!  Amanda Vogel, MA is the owner of Active Voice Writing Service for fitness professionals ( and she’s added “active voice” blogging to her credits.  She is the author of 51 Need-to-know Writing & Marketing Tips for Fitness Pros, with her most recent release 30 Ways to Keep Profiting from your Free Media PromotionHer blogs are full of practical writing information (coupled with a bit of humor) and are definitely worth subscribing to (in other words, add it to your Google Reader!)

Nintendo’s Wii-Fit

July 12, 2007 By: Be Fit With Biray Category: Be in the Game 1 Comment →

Be in the Game
In this week’s E3 Media & Business Summit, Nintendo unveiled their newest addition to their already popular Wii — the Wii-Fit. Nintendo is definitely taking exergaming by storm and recognizing their potential to impact people’s levels of physical activity. They have simulated everything from yoga, soccer, step classes, and hula-hooping…


Fitness Jen

July 11, 2007 By: Be Fit With Biray Category: Be Connected 1 Comment →

Be Connected
Today FitnessJen, my friend and fellow group exercise instructor, created her first official Fitness Jen blog on Blogger!  I wanted to give her a loud shout-out and let her know that she’s officially landed a spot on my blogroll!  (Be forewarned: she LOVES the color pink.)

IDEA World Conference, San Diego

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Be Fit Round the World
fmi-lj-ba-pro.jpgFirst weekend in July, I headed out to the IDEA World Convention in San Diego, CA – one of the world’s biggest health and fitness conferences!  This year marked my first time attending as a presenter at an international conference.  I, along with my colleague Lyndsi Johnson, presented a session about how to utilize internet-based tools to enhance the fitness experience.  It was called “It’s URLife, Make it a Healthy WWWone!” and you can check out the blog we created for it here.  We’ve even uploaded pictures and a YouTube video directly from our session!